Pastel Pictures

Tas is a renowned pastel artist – receiving many awards for his work.

“I look for colour in the blandest scene, I see bright, vivid colours or dark moody atmospheric effects. Each pastel mark is unique and exclusive to me. I enjoy texture and layers of shapes, so I do not blend by smudging if it can be helped. This helps to retain the freshness and quality of the pure pigment.”

This quote from Tas about his pastel work tells us why his work is so vibrant and alive, and also demonstrates his passion for the medium.

“Sometimes I use gentle sweeping strokes, while other times I work in brutal short strokes. By applying different pressure I can be more expressive. the more sensitive I am with the initial light stroke, the more layers I can build.”

Venice, North Yorkshire, coastal towns, seagulls and Norfolk are his main source of inspiration for his pastel pictures. Mention must also be made of his robin collection. He usually paints on location whilst visiting a place and produces sketches and photographs to be done in the future.

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